Wave Energy Advanced Control System (WEACS)


Stage 1

Project Lead

CPower Alba Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

Wave Venture Ltd, SgurrControl Ltd.

The goal of the Wave Energy Advanced Control System (WEACS) is to significantly lower the cost of wave power through improved performance, survivability, reliability and maintainability. To achieve the Industry target of £150/MWh, a comprehensive, advanced control system is required by all wave energy device technology developers.

The WEACS Project effort was directed towards the research, design and development of a control system that includes high-level supervisory and diagnostic functions, along with low-level, real-time dynamic-control processes. WEACS is anticipated to serve as the central nervous system for a wave energy conversion device and to be connected to all systems within the device. Stage 1 demonstrates the overall feasibility and expected benefits of WEACS.

This Project expanded on work already completed by CPower Alba, who is developing the StingRAY wave power device for utility-scale markets. The WEACS team also includes SgurrControl, who are control systems experts, and Wave Venture, a specialist wave energy consultancy and software provider.

CPower Alba Ltd presented a poster on their Stage 1 Control Systems project at the 2017 WES Annual Conference. All Stage 1 Control System posters are available to download here.

Control Systems Stage 1 - Public Report - CPower Alba Ltd

Control Systems Stage 1 Public Report for the CPower Alba "Wave Energy Advanced Control System (WEACS)" project. Includes a description of the technology, scope of work, achievements and recommendations for further work.

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