DataWave: An open WEC Data Architecture for Supervisory Control & Smart Data Analytics


Stage 1

Project Lead

MarynSol Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

CorPower Ocean AB, Mocean Energy Ltd, Wave Venture Ltd, Polygen Ltd

An Open Data Architecture (ODA) is a key enabling technology. The adoption of a WEC Open Data Architecture (ODA) will facilitate the development of common, reusable data analytics tools to provide functions such as Diagnostic Processes, Alarm Systems, Decision Support and Operator Situation Awareness tools.

The role of the ODA is to abstract away the physical sub-system differences, and to store, manipulate and visualise data in a logical, device independent, manner. By adopting standards, interfacing to data from external sensors, systems, and information sources will be easier and more reliable.

Analytic software tools from different vendors are easier to integrate, and can share resources such as data warehouses and connections to external systems. More robust software development, reuse of components, simpler system integration and verification will be achieved through the adoption of a standards-based common Open Data Architecture that is available for all developers and sub-system components to use.

MarynSol presented a poster on their Stage 1 Control Systems project at the 2017 WES Annual Conference. All Stage 1 Control System posters are available to download here.

Control Systems Stage 1 - Public Report - MarynSol Ltd

Control Systems Stage 1 Public Report for the MarynSol "DataWave: An Open WEC Data Architecture for Supervisory Control & Smart Data Analytics" project. Includes a description of the technology, scope of work, achievements and recommendations for further work.

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