Adaptive Control of the WaveSub WEC using a Romax electromechanical PTO

Control Systems Stage 1 - Public Report - University of Bath (RMX)

  • Stage

    Stage 1

  • Project Lead

    University of Bath

  • Project Sub-Contractors

    Marine Power Systems Ltd, Romax Technology Ltd

  • Author

    University of Bath

  • Date

    July 2018

The project investigates the feasibility of applying an adaptive control methodology to the WaveSub Wave Energy Converter (WEC) in conjunction with the Romax electro‐mechanical Power Take Off (PTO) system. The two systems are, in principle, compatible and well suited to provide an efficient and cost‐effective overall solution. The purpose of the control system is to maximise energy capture within the physical constraints of the WEC and PTO across a wide range of sea states.
The proposed control methodology is computationally simple and can accommodate physical constraints such as position limits in a simple and robust manner. It also requires no a priori knowledge of plant dynamics. This offers several advantages over other strategies such as:
Implementation is very straightforward.
It is insensitive to errors in estimates of the plant (sensors, PTO and WEC), which are not always easy or even possible to achieve.
It is robust to parameter variation and nonlinearity (e.g. plant ageing or damage), and fault tolerant.
It is applicable to any WEC/PTO system combination without the need for extensive retuning.

Project Keywords: Control Systems, PTO, Electromechanical, Adaptive, Stage 1

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