Survival Focused Automatic Control (SURF-MATIC)

Control Systems Stage 1 - Public Report - Wave Venture

  • Stage

    Stage 1

  • Project Lead

    Wave Venture Ltd

  • Project Sub-Contractors

    CorPower Ocean AB, Mocean Energy Ltd, Altran UK Ltd

  • Author

    Wave Venture Ltd

  • Date

    July 2018

The SURF‐MATIC project targets development of a control system that is focused on device survival and achieving reduced loading and harshness in Wave Energy Conversion technology. Survival is one of the strongest cost drivers of the structure in a wave energy converter and the structural cost is a very significant overall proportion of the cost of energy produced. In addition, complications in design due to extreme loadings and harshness also increase the cost and reduce the reliability, availability and performance of subsystems such as power take off and moorings. The opportunity that we seek to address is to deliver a control system that:
Acts to truncate the extreme tails of the structural loading probability distribution by controlling variables that alter the hydrodynamic properties of the device so that it can avoid extreme loads.
Acts to reduce the occurrence of harshness events such as end stop impacts and tether 'snapping' by controlling variables that both alter the hydrodynamic properties and also alter the dynamic motion response of the device.
Is generic and can work with a wide range of wave energy converters
Comes with design tools that can systematically identify (or design in) the configurations for each WEC type that best deliver these benefits.
Builds on state of the art ultra‐high availability control systems (e.g. fly‐by‐wire) and adapt these to the wave energy application.

Project Keywords: Survival, Moorings, Control Systems, Loading, Stage 1