Wave Energy Scotland is committed to supporting the development of the best prime mover technologies through the Novel Wave Energy Converter programme.

WES will support novel devices which are able to demonstrate a credible step change reduction in levelised cost of energy (LCOE) over the existing state of the art, and which are on a trajectory to commence performance and operational testing in a real sea environment at an appropriate scale within 3-5 years.

Projects in this programme started in 2016 at Stage 1.

Anaconda is a radical approach comprising a large water filled flexible tube that sits just below the water surface, aligned in the direction of wave propagation, with a power take off at the stern.

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The WaveTrain device is an array of power modules, each utilising parallel inclined tubes, open at the bottom but closed at the free surface and utilising a pneumatic turbine PTO.

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The Stage 2 project confirmed the feasibility of revised configurations which offered potential for significant improvements to the economic performance of the Archimedes Waveswing™ WEC whilst also reducing technical risk.

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