Attenuator Cost of Energy Reduction (ACER)


Stage 1

Project Lead

4c Engineering

Project Sub-Contractors

Ove Arup & Partners Ltd, Sea Power Ltd, 4c Design Ltd, Kelvin Hydrodynamics Laboratory, DNV GL Ltd

The SeaPower Platform is a two-body wave energy converter (WEC) that has been under development since 2008. The WEC is classed as a floating attenuator device with energy extracted via the relative motion (flex) of the two bodies about a hinged joint. A power take-off (PTO) system extracts power by damping the flex motion of the device.

The project brings together design engineers and experts to carry out realistic small scale testing and conceptual full scale studies of a proposed novel form of the device to quantify performance improvements and the cost of energy and gauge the economic potential. This project determines, in an open and verifiable manner, the power extraction capabilities of the device, along with the costs involved in delivering this power at full scale for Scottish and Irish marine locations.


NWEC Stage 1 - Public Report - 4C Engineering

NWEC stage 1 project summary report for the 4c Engineering Attenuator Cost of Energy Reduction (ACER) project. Includes a description of the technology, scope of work, achievements and recommendations for further work.

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