Mocean Wave Energy Converter


Stage 1

Project Lead

Mocean Energy Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

University of Edinburgh, Pelagic Innovation Ltd, FloWave TT Ltd, University of Strathclyde, AJS Design Engineering Ltd

The Mocean WEC is a hinged raft with seven degrees of freedom. Wave forcing and the bodies’ dynamic responses leads to flex about the hinge which drives a power take-off mechanism, converting the kinetic energy into electricity.

The innovation of the Mocean WEC is in the design of the shapes of the bodies, which dramatically improves the dynamics and thus power absorption. The configurations are based around varying the ratio and position of the water‐plane area to the submerged volume, where the water‐plane area affects the hydrostatic restoring force and the volume affects the mass and added mass.

Changing these values can induce coupling between the modes and tune the resonant response to improve performance in wavelengths that are significantly longer than the overall length of the machine.

This team is currently undertaking a Stage 3 project. 

NWEC Stage 1 - Public Report - Mocean Energy Ltd

NWEC stage 1 project summary report for the Mocean Energy Mocean WEC project. Includes a description of the technology, scope of work, achievements and recommendations for further work.

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