AISV - Automatically Inflatable and Stowable Volume for step reduction in WEC cost of energy


Stage 1

Project Lead

Quoceant Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

The European Marine Energy Centre Ltd, Voestrom Ltd, Optimus (Aberdeen) Ltd, FloWave TT Ltd, Varrich Engineering Design

The novel concept developed in this project is intended to break the fundamental conflict between performance and survivability by introducing the ability to substantially change the machine hull volume on command.

In the same way that sailing ships reef to deliver both speed and survivability, a selectable hull volume allows a WEC to grow substantially to absorb much more power during most of the year while reverting to a smaller robustly survivable form when the waves are extreme. The Automatically Inflatable and Stowable Volume technology is intended to provide the economics of an otherwise unsurvivable machine with the survivability of an otherwise uneconomic machine.

NWEC Stage 1 - Public Report - Quoceant Ltd

NWEC stage 1 project summary report for the Quoceant Automatically Inflatable and Stowable Volume (AISV) project. Includes a description of the technology, scope of work, achievements and recommendations for further work.

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