Anaconda Wave Energy Converter

Public Report - Checkmate Seaenergy Ltd

  • Stage

    Stage 2

  • Project Lead

    Checkmate Seaenergy Ltd

  • Project Sub-Contractors

    Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre, Evergreen Innovations Ltd, Black & Veatch Ltd, Tension Technology International (TTI), Quoceant Ltd, FloWave TT Ltd, Kelvin Hydrodynamics Laboratory, Fenner Dunlop

  • Author

    Checkmate Seaenergy Ltd

  • Date

    May 2019

Following completion of Stage 1 of the Wave Energy Scotland (WES) Novel Wave Energy Converter (NWEC) Project in January 2017, CSL was awarded further funding to progress the development of the Anaconda technology as part of Stage 2. Stage 2 included the undertaking of a series of laboratory tests, numerical modelling activities, and concept development of a full‐scale configuration of the technology (originally designated the “Mk1”).

The Anaconda Mk1 WEC adopted a closed loop hydro‐elastic PTO, whereby power smoothing is realised by temporarily storing power peaks in specially configured hydro‐elastic accumulators before conversion to electrical power by creating smoother hydraulic power flow through a turbine between high pressure and low‐pressure accumulators.

The Stage 2 engineering assessment included further testing of this technology configuration as well as a controllable linear piston PTO. This new experimental linear PTO allowed more control of the bulge tube interface to improve understanding of the ultimate absorption potential of the Anaconda bulge tube technology. This work also helped to pave the way for future “MkX” variants of the system, targeting improved economic potential.

Project Keywords: NWEC, Bulge Wave, Lessons Learnt

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