Mocean WEC: Blue Horizon


Stage 3

Project Lead

Mocean Energy Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

Blackfish Engineering Design Limited, Industrial Systems and Controls Ltd, Supply Design Ltd, AJS Design Engineering Ltd, Leask Marine Ltd, Aquatera Ltd, The European Marine Energy Centre Ltd, Orcades Marine Management Consultants Ltd, Oceaneering, MAESTRO Marine LLC, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

For further information on the current status of this technology, please contact the Mocean Energy

The project has completed the detailed design, build, and testing of a ½ scale sea-going prototype Mocean WEC, named Blue X. The WEC comprises forward and aft hulls, patented wave channels, a PTO nacelle and power control subsystems in the forward hull.  It was fabricated and assembled in Fife, then had its submergence and trim adjusted in the water by the addition of ballast, before being transported by road and ferry to Kirkwall in Orkney.

The test programme was performed at the EMEC nursery site in Scapa Flow, and focussed on the performance of the WEC.  The sea state was measured with a wave buoy while the WEC response and its output power were continuously measured.  Several testing campaigns of deployment, test and recovery were carried out, with maintenance and inspection between each.  In addition to the power performance of the WEC, the test programme assessed the behaviour and practicalities of the mooring system and the electrical connection.

The long-term vision for the Mocean technology is to further develop the present WEC concept and apply it to the commercial powering of subsea oil and gas infrastructure, as well as islands and small communities.  With the technical and commercial experience and credibility gained from this first stage, we will commence the more ambitious development of a 1MW WEC suitable for deployment in grid-connected wave farms.

Project Keywords: NWEC, Attenuator, Gearbox, Operations & Maintenance, Scapa Flow, Testing, Performance