Edinburgh Designs Adaptive Power Take Off (EDAPTO)


Stage 1

Project Lead

Edinburgh Designs Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

Caelulum Ltd

The EDAPTO project aimed to create a highly controllable and efficient PTO system for a WEC. Edinburgh Designs began by investigating two separate topologies for the combined hydraulic electric EDAPTO system. They both have a hydraulic gearbox at their core, but use different arrangements of hydraulic and electrical storage.

Ultimately the more electrical version was pursued, and designed to be created with commercially available components that should drive forward a step change in the levelised cost of energy, primarily achieved through:

  • the use of best available components available today
  • improved control and performance leading to better efficiency
  • reduced complexity and better fault tolerance leading to increased reliability and easier maintainability
  • reduced capital cost

EDAPTO is designed as a robust modular system, allowing integration with many force-actuator WEC types and manufacturing cost efficiencies through standardised design. The system is designed for up to 1MW peak power absorption and up to 100kW average (continuous) power transmission. It builds on Edinburgh Designs’ extensive experience in the field of absorbing wavemakers, control and force actuator systems.

PTO Stage 1 - Public Report - Edinburgh Designs Ltd

PTO stage 1 project summary report for the Edinburgh Designs EDAPTO project. Includes a description of the technology, scope of work, achievements and recommendations for further work.

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