'WEC-Direct' - Contra-rotating generator


Stage 1

Project Lead

Energy Systems Research Unit, University of Strathclyde

Project Sub-Contractors

Nautricity Ltd

'WEC-Direct' - The application of a direct drive, contra-rotating generator to wave energy converters.

This feasibility study investigated the application of a direct drive, contra-rotating generator to different WEC architectures in order to establish the impact this step changing technology can have on reducing plant capital costs through:

  • weight savings
  • reduction of the station keeping/hold down capacity
  • reducing operational and maintenance costs through the elimination of generally complex power transfer and take-off systems
  • improvements to device performance and efficiency through the elimination of the power conversion and transfer system and
  • ultimately reducing the cost of energy from WECs.

PTO Stage 1 - Public Report - Energy Systems Research Unit

PTO stage 1 project summary report for the University of Strathclyde WEC-Direct project. Includes a description of the technology, scope of work, achievements and recommendations for further work.

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