Advanced Hydraulic-electric Power Take Off (AHPTO)

PTO Stage 1 - Public Report - Nova Innovation Ltd

  • Stage

    Stage 1

  • Project Lead

    Nova Innovation Ltd

  • Project Sub-Contractors

    Pelagic Innovation Ltd

  • Author

    Nova Innovation Ltd

  • Date

    June 2017

This is the PTO stage 1 project summary report for the Nova Innovation Advanced Hydraulic-electric PTO (AHPTO) project. The AHPTO utilises a novel combination of proven, ‘best-in-class’ hydraulic and power electronic subsystems to significantly increase the power capture, reliability, controlability and grid compatibility of WEC prime-movers.

Simple off-shelf industrial hydraulics are employed alongside supercapacitors and full-scale rated converter power electronics to more efficiently convert the WEC power fluctuations into grid-compliant power.

Project Keywords: PTO, Energy Storage, Hydraulics, Lessons Learnt

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