Blue Power Take Off

PTO Stage 2 - Public Report - Blue Power Energy Ltd

  • Stage

    Stage 2

  • Project Lead

    Blue Power Energy Ltd

  • Project Sub-Contractors

    Energy Technology Centre Ltd

  • Author

    Blue Power Energy Ltd

This is the PTO stage 2 project summary report for the Blue Power Energy PTO project. The Blue Power PTO has the opportunity of achieving early and reliable deployment in conjunction with a range of WEC designs by utilising a range of existing hardware components and subsystems in this novel application. 

A key outcome of the project will be a detailed performance characterisation of the PTO and, following this, the development of control strategies to ensure that the versatility of the PTO can be fully exploited for different WEC designs. During the execution of the project, the particular advantages of the Blue Power PTO in providing rectified and smoothed power will be further developed to deliver a compact design which will provide a significant advance in the performance, reliability, affordability and LCOE of WEC devices.

Project Keywords: PTO, Ball Screw, Lessons Learnt