Stage 2

Project Lead

Trident Energy Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

SgurrEnergy Ltd, University of Warwick, 42 Technology Ltd, Enercro Ltd

The WaveDrive project progressed the design and development of a low cost, highly reliable and highly controllable linear generator (LG) power take off (PTO) technology for wave energy converters (WECs). It combined detailed engineering design work with an advanced “wave to wire” model which allowed simulation of PTO performance across the full range of wave conditions and for a wide range of WEC devices.

The development of the direct drive linear generator as a power take off (PTO) system for wave energy converters directly addresses the cost, reliability and maintainability issues associated with current PTO solutions. In addition the development of an associated real-time control system based on solid state power electronics will lead to significantly increased technology performance for wave energy converters.

PTO Stage 2 - Public Report - Trident Energy Ltd

PTO stage 2 project summary report for the Trident Energy WaveDrive project. Includes a description of the technology, scope of work, achievements and recommendations for further work.

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