C-GEN Direct Drive PTO


Stage 2

Project Lead

University of Edinburgh

Project Sub-Contractors

Fountain Design Ltd, CETO Wave Energy UK Ltd, University of Strathclyde, Supply Design Ltd, Forth Ports Ltd, Bernard Hunter Ltd, Hayward Tyler Ltd, Laminaria

The C-GEN generator is a novel direct drive linear generator which is easy to manufacture and assemble, as well as being highly efficient over a wide range of loads, typically 85-90% for wave applications from part to full load. This is greater than competing PTOs such as hydraulics, and hence annual energy yields will be greater.

A number of prototypes ranging in scale from 15 kW to 1 MW have been demonstrated to confirm the scientific and technical rigour of the concept, including a 50 kW prototype for wave energy applications. Developments for wave energy during this project stage include testing of components (electrical windings and bearings) in flooded conditions, using custom made dedicated test rigs.

A significant improvement in thermal performance was achieved, and an improved design for reliable and robust bearings for linear generators. All previous developments have taken place in the lab, with experiments in realistic environments. For wave energy the technology is at TRL4, and is now ready for development to TRL5-6, in which a 150kW demonstrator will be built and tested in the sea, satisfying the requirement for operation under suitable environment and loads.

PTO Stage 2 - Public Report - University of Edinburgh

PTO stage 2 project summary report for the University of Edinburgh C-Gen Generator project. Includes a description of the technology, scope of work, achievements and recommendations for further work.

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