HiDrive - A direct drive PTO for resonant Wave Energy Converters

PTO Stage 3 - Public Report - CorPower Ocean

  • Stage

    Stage 3

  • Project Lead

    CorPower Ocean AB

  • Project Sub-Contractors

    Iberdrola Engineer & Construction, The European Marine Energy Centre Ltd, University of Edinburgh

  • Author

    CorPower Ocean AB

  • Date

    June 2018

The primary purpose of the HiDrive project was to reach a reliable and proven PTO design that can produce energy at low cost and survive the conditions at any potential wave energy site in European waters. The CorPower Ocean PTO was built into a buoy type point absorber and attached to the sea bed with a taut leg mooring.

CorPower completed testing of their device at the European Marine Energy Centre, Orkney in 2018 following an extensive testing and commission programme. 

This report outlines the project scope of work and achievements, along with links to more information on the technology. 


Project Keywords: Stage 3, PTO, Gearbox, Point Absorber, Deployment, Installation, Moorings, Orkney, Performance, Scapa Flow, Testing, Lessons Learnt

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