Stage 1

Project Lead

Nova Innovation Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

Wave Venture Ltd

Final public reporting from this project is due to be published in Summer 2020. 

For further information on the current status, please contact the Lead Applicant.  


Nova Innovation’s MECmate subsea electrical connector is a quick, robust and cost-effective wet-mate connection solution, specifically designed for marine energy converters (MECs).

The MECMate design offers:

  • Generous misalignment tolerances,
  • Mechanical robustness for enhanced survivability,
  • Minimal sealed surfaces,
  • Quick, simple connection and disconnection,
  • Specifically designed and priced for the marine renewable energy market.

MECmate builds on Nova’s field-proven, dry-mate subsea electrical connector, the NOVA-CAN, which is successfully installed and operating in all three turbines in Nova’s Shetland Tidal Array.

The product is designed to meet the demanding requirement of early MEC prototype testing, where operational loads are uncertain, and multiple connection and disconnection operations will be required. As the industry matures, future refinement will allow the product to evolve to meet the needs of commercial devices.

The vision is to deliver a MEC technology-agnostic, step-change product that provides a robust, reliable and cost-effective solution for electrical connection of marine energy devices. The product will also have wider application to industries such as offshore wind, oil & gas and aquaculture.

In Stage 1 of this project we tested the feasibility of the conceptual design and processes through thorough qualitative and initial quantitative analysis.