Rocksteady V


Stage 1

Project Lead

Subsea Riser Products Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

2H Offshore Engineering Ltd, CETO Wave Energy UK Ltd, CorPower Ocean AB, InterMoor Ltd

Final public reporting from this project is due to be published in Summer 2020. 

For further information on the current status, please contact the Lead Applicant.  


Rocksteady V is a variant of SRP’s field proven Rocksteady® subsea mooring connector designed specifically for hull or pile mounting and pull through operations, with sufficient pass-through diameter for a marker buoy and rope accessories and facility for wet-mate electrical connections.

Rocksteady V aligns the pull-in head and then automatically latches with capture angles up to 180° in azimuth and 15° offset from vertical. Lock is achieved hydraulically or electrically, and the connector can be disconnected with tension in the mooring system, enabling rapid disconnection.

The connector lock isolates mooring motions from the wet-mate connectors, which are mounted on a compliant stab plate and aligned vertically or horizontally with further fine alignment available. Rocksteady V has high bending capacity, which greatly simplifies pull-in and alignment operations, enabling catenary mooring systems to be pulled in vertically and orient to the anchor naturally.

Stage 1 demonstrated the feasibility of the connector for the intended applications with a wave energy converter. Activities included size and capacity definition; selection of appropriate wet mate connectors and integration methods; selection of actuation methods; and reporting on the expected manufacturing and integration benefits and challenges of integrating the connector as part of the fixed structure instead of the outboard moorings.