Stage 2

Project Lead

Blackfish Engineering Design Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

Skua Marine Ltd, ETA Ltd, Morek Ltd, KML, Klasea Ltd, Mocean Energy Ltd, Orbital Marine Power Ltd, Alex Alliston

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C-DART is a novel system that allows quick connection and disconnection between a WEC and an offshore buoy, providing an inexpensive, effective, and robust means to make both a mechanical mooring and electrical connection. This allows for rapid turnaround for both planned and unplanned maintenance away from the deployed site.

C-DART employs a novel method of catching and connecting a horizontal surface mooring hawser and electrical jumper to the offshore buoy, using conventional workboats. Disconnection is achieved with a separate retrieval towline, using a similar catch and connect method. The C-DART system is designed to operate without requiring actuators, stored energy or backup power.

The process is not reliant upon divers, ROVs or offshore lifting, and does not require the close interaction of boats, WECs or other floating bodies. 

During Stage 2, the project focused on advancing the design and the understanding through test cases which applied the C-DART technology to both a wave and floating tidal device. This analysis examined extreme operational and survival loads, as well as detailed assessments of marine operations for connection and disconnection.

Longer term, it is anticipated that this technology can be used in many different markets and at many different scales, making it applicable for a wide variety of uses.

QCS Stage 2 - Public Report - Blackfish Engineering Design Ltd

A summary of the outcomes from Stage 2 of the C-DART development, including a description of the technology, scope of work, achievements and next steps in the technology development.

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