Stage 2

Project Lead

Quoceant Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

Inyanga Maritime Ltd, The European Marine Energy Centre Ltd, Mocean Energy Ltd, AWS Ocean Energy Ltd, Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD)

For further information on the current status of this development, please contact the Lead Applicant.  

The Q-Connect is a modular and adaptable Quick Connection System (QCS) being developed to provide mechanical and electrical connection either as a combined connection or separately.

The design comprises a set of modular subsystems that may be combined in multiple configurations to provide quick, safe, and low-cost connection for a wide range of WEC types and applications. The same Q-Connect system can cater for slack and taut moored devices on the surface or sub-sea. It can also be applied to technologies within the tidal sector, and in the longer term the vision is that a version of the technology will service the floating wind market.

Stage 2 undertook detailed numerical simulations of the marine operations and peak design events associated with the Q-Connect when integrated into two test case WECs. Data from the simulations allowed further detailed design work to be undertaken to strengthen the design offering and refined the marine operations storyboarding. 


QCS Stage 2 - Public Report - Quoceant Ltd

A summary of the Q-Connect technology, and the scope of work, outcomes, and next steps for development that were identified during Stage 2.

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