Pull and Lock Marine (PALM)


Stage 3

Project Lead

Apollo Offshore Engineering Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

The European Marine Energy Centre Ltd, MacArtney UK Ltd, Seacroft Marine Consultants Ltd

The PALM connector is based around a submerged buoy mooring with an integrated electrical riser. The connector provides robust, reliable, and repeatable connections of the WEC in a short, simple marine operation.

Readily available vessels would be used to position the WEC, engage the PALM, and complete the mechanical and electrical connections.

The central innovation in the design is the passive locking mechanism that provides the connection and load transfer between the WEC and its moorings. This function is purely mechanical and requires only the input of a suitable deck winch on the installation vessel

The PALM concept has been adapted to suit two WECs as part of Stage 2 of the WES QCS programme. Stage 3 saw the design, build, and testing of a demonstrator PALM prototype. The testing regime has demonstrated the mechanical functionality and trialled the marine operations.

The ultimate aim of the PALM development project is to propose a solution that will lower the LCOE for grid-scale WECs and potentially other pieces of offshore energy infrastructure, such as offshore wind installations.