Stage 3

Project Lead

Quoceant Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

Inyanga Maritime Ltd, Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD), The European Marine Energy Centre Ltd, AWS Ocean Energy Ltd, Mocean Energy Ltd, ETA Ltd

The Q-Connect is a modular Quick Connection System, with the modular subsystems able to be combined in different configurations to provide quick, safe, and low-cost mechanical and electrical connection in one operation.

It is applicable to a range of wave and tidal energy devices, and also to marine testing centres who are seeking to offer a consistent and effective connection solution to a range of clients.

The Stage 3 project brought together an expert team consisting of subsea technology experts, a world-leading marine test centre, WEC developers, and marine operations experts. The project delivered:

  • Detailed design for the modular subsystems and their integration into the overall Q-Connect system
  • Conduct relevant component and full-system tests in both the dry and wet environment
  • Qualification tests of a full-scale version of the Q-Connect 
  • Market engagement with potential end-users.