Advanced Concrete Engineering – WEC (“ACE-WEC”)

SMMP Stage 1 - Public Report - Quoceant

  • Stage

    Stage 1

  • Project Lead

    Quoceant Ltd

  • Project Sub-Contractors

    Innosea Ltd, Black & Veatch Ltd, University of Dundee, David Kerr Engineering Consultant Ltd

  • Author

    Quoceant Ltd

  • Date

    May 2018

This project was undertaken to assess the application of novel fibre‐reinforced concretes manufactured using additive techniques (3D printing) to produce low‐cost structures for WEC prime mover applications. The project indicated that fibre‐reinforced concretes provide a viable construction material for wave energy converter (WEC) structures, and manufacture using additive methods provides the potential for significant cost savings against more traditional steel and conventional concrete designs.

Demonstration of the material and manufacturing methods are required to support the conclusions reached by the project and to provide additional refinement to both structural designs using the concrete and manufacturing methods and the cost estimates for accurate calculation of the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) for different wave energy convertor solutions.

Project Keywords: Structure, Fabrication, Design Load Cases, Concrete, Hybrid, Materials, Stage 1, LCOE, Steel, Performance

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