SMMP Stage 1 - Public Report - University of Edinburgh

  • Stage

    Stage 1

  • Project Lead

    University of Edinburgh

  • Project Sub-Contractors

    University of Plymouth, Griffon Hoverwork Ltd

  • Author

    University of Edinburgh

  • Date

    May 2018

This project has considered a compressible self‐rectifying point absorber (SQ1) WEC. This is an axisymmetric heaving buoy with a completely flexible elastomeric bag as the deformable body connected to a rigid ballast container. The flexible bag is in the form of a fabric (reinforced elastomer) encased within an array of meridional tendons. When the bag is inflated, the fabric forms lobes between the tendons. This effectively keeps the tension in the fabric to a minimum, and the tendons become the major load‐bearing members.

The project included four major activities: 1) Modelling of the device, 2) materials and manufacturing of samples and components, 3) testing of materials, manufactured samples and components, and 4) techno‐economic analysis and roadmap for technology development.

The project’s success is dependent on the following key measures: 1) Modelling of the flexible device to provide the required materials properties and load conditions to inform the materials and component testing parameters; 2) identification of promising materials and manufacturing samples and critical components; 3) static and fatigue testing of materials and manufactured components at relevant loads and conditions; 4) development of state‐of-the‐art techno‐economic models and tools to assess the technology and provide a business case and commercialisation strategy for the proposed technology.

Project Keywords: Design Load Cases, Simulation, Structure, Survival, CAPEX, Elastomer, Hybrid, Materials, Stage 1, Performance, Testing

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