Stage 1

Project Lead

University of Edinburgh

Project Sub-Contractors

Queen’s University Belfast, Pelagic Innovation Ltd, CETO Wave Energy UK Ltd, ÉireComposites Teo, Kingspan Environmental Ltd

The partners in the RotoHybrid project aim to develop the materials and processing technology necessary to enable this versatile, lightweight polymer manufacturing process to be employed in the design of novel wave energy converters. Structure and prime mover CAPEX reductions of 50%-60% is the long-term aim, with further OPEX reductions due to lower maintenance requirements and improved corrosion resistance in the ocean. The Stage 1 project concentrated on an engineering design study to demonstrate the feasibility of constructing a full-scale WEC using rotationally-moulded polymer sections, with local metal and polymer composite structural reinforcement at loading/attachment points.

SMMP Stage 1 - Public Report - University of Edinburgh

SMMP stage 1 project summary report for the University of Edinburgh Rotohybrid project. Includes a description of the technology, scope of work, achievements and recommendations for further work.

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