SMMP Stage 1 - Public Report - Tension Technology International

  • Stage

    Stage 1

  • Project Lead

    Tension Technology International Ltd

  • Project Sub-Contractors

    Black & Veatch Ltd, Quoceant Ltd, Optimus (Aberdeen) Ltd

  • Author

    Tension Technology International Ltd

  • Date

    May 2018

The NetBuoy project focusses on two strands on the path towards cost competitive wave energy – impermeable fabrics to provide compliant and thus load shedding/peak load resistant buoyant modules and fibre rope ‘load nets’ to encapsulate the buoyant modules, applying distributed restraint loads and agglomerating the distributed load back to a single or number of structural points to connect to the other parts of the WEC system such as the PTO. The load net is seen as essential in enabling the use of fabric buoyant modules as they cannot easily be restrained otherwise – the restraint must be distributed over the surface of the buoyant module.

The WEC technology case study for this project has been a generic ground referenced heaving point absorber. Three scales of Netbuoy were considered at the concept design stage with characteristic swept volumes of 10m3, 100m3 and 300m3. The medium sized Netbuoy100 was ultimately chosen for more detailed engineering and cost assessment This was benchmarked against a steel equivalent buoy to demonstrate the cost benefits and potential impact on LCoE, using the WES costing tool. TTI also consider tow forms of Netbuoy 1) assuming machine room is on the seabed 2) assuming machine room is integrated and forms part of the Netbuoy.

Project Keywords: LCOE, Design Load Cases, Simulation, Fabrication, Structure, Survival, Point Absorber, Hybrid, Reliability, Stage 1, Materials

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