CREATE - Concrete as a Technology Enabler


Stage 2

Project Lead

Ove Arup & Partners Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

British Precast Concrete Federation Ltd, Cruz Atcheson Consulting Engineers Lda, Mocean Energy Ltd, University of Dundee, Carnegie Clean Energy

The Concrete as a Technology Enabler (CREATE) project aims to confirm that reinforced concrete technology can make a step-change in the LCoE for WECs. Reinforced concrete as a lower unit cost and superior durability compared to steel in the offshore environment. It is also a well understood material and can take advantage of a mature supply chain. The CREATE project is WEC technology agnostic and WEC devices have been chosen where the core benefits of concrete could be realised. During Stage 1 of the CREATE project, the potential benefit of concrete technology was demonstrated for four WEC devices, highlighting the versatility of the material in the sector. Low mass is not a requirement for power absorption for many device types and in these cases, structural concrete can present a more efficient solution by using the weight of the structure directly, rather than requiring additional ballast.

Stage 2 aims to build on the positive Stage 1 conclusions and demonstrate that the example concrete design developed in Stage 1 can withstand WEC loading in representative operational conditions. The areas of focus are also those applicable to a broad range of WEC types to enable integration of the material into the sector more widely. This will be accompanied with a refined LCoE analysis and contractor engagement to confirm the cost benefit and access to a mature supply chain.

The WES CREATE project has the potential to deliver significant impact to a range of metrics by taking advantage of the core benefits of traditional concrete in a novel application. The maturity of the material and supply chain will enable Stage 2 to progress the use of the material to a very high technology readiness level enable the confident use of concrete for a range of WEC devices.

SMMP Stage 2 - Public Report - Ove Arup & Partners Ltd

Stage 2 report for Ove Arup's CREATE (Concrete as a Technology Enabler) project. This includes design work undertaken and targeting the technical risks for the wave energy devices identified at stage 1.

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