CREATE - Concrete as a Technology Enabler

SMMP Stage 2 - Public Report - Arup

  • Stage

    Stage 2

  • Project Lead

    Ove Arup & Partners Ltd

  • Project Sub-Contractors

    British Precast Concrete Federation Ltd, Cruz Atcheson Consulting Engineers Lda, Mocean Energy Ltd, University of Dundee, Carnegie Clean Energy

  • Author

    Ove Arup & Partners Ltd

  • Date

    May 2020

Stage 2 of the CREATE project focused on two main key areas:

  • The technical viability of precast concrete construction for WEC devices
  • Areas of high localised loading

Stage 2 included full scale physical and numerical testing to demonstrate the performance of a critical precast connection on the selected WEC. A manufacturing plan was also developed for Scotland, working with the supply chain. This enabled a details cost analysis to be undertaken.

CREATE Stage 2 demonstrated that the use of precast concrete is predicted to reduce the LCoE by 12% compared to a steel alternative.

This team is currently undertaking a Stage 3 project.

Project Keywords: Concrete, Point Absorber, Design Load Cases, Survival, Fabrication, Simulation, LCOE, Materials, Stage 2, Lessons Learnt

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