CREATE (Stage 3) - Concrete as a Technology Enabler


Stage 3

Project Lead

Ove Arup & Partners Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

K2Management, Lda, British Precast Concrete Federation Ltd, Carnegie Clean Energy, AWS Ocean Energy Ltd, BAM Nuttall Ltd

This project is currently ongoing, and final public reporting is due to be published in Spring 2021. 

For further information on the current status, please contact the Lead Applicant.  


The Concrete as a Technology Enabler (CREATE) project aims to confirm that reinforced concrete technology can make a step-change in the LCoE for WECs. Reinforced concrete has a lower unit cost and superior durability compared to steel in the offshore environment. It is also a well understood material and can take advantage of a mature supply chain. The CREATE project is WEC technology agnostic and WEC devices have been chosen where the core benefits of concrete could be realised.

During Stage 1 of the CREATE project, the potential benefit of concrete technology was demonstrated for four WEC devices, highlighting the versatility of the material in the sector. Low mass is not a requirement for power absorption for many device types and in these cases, structural concrete can present a more efficient solution by using the weight of the structure directly, rather than requiring additional ballast. Stage 2 further demonstrated that concrete is a feasible material for WEC applications and can enable significant cost reduction. Design and testing activities mitigated technical risks, with a focus on areas of high localised loading such as tether and mooring connection points, and demonstrating the technical viability of precast concrete for WEC devices.

Stage 3 activities aim to enable concrete WEC deployment in the timescale of the WES SMMP programme, through design activities, engagement with contractors and suppliers, and development of a digital design tool enabling WEC developers to effectively identify the feasibility of using concrete to enable cost reduction. This will help prime the supply chain for serial producton of floating concrete WEC structures, and equip developers with the design tools to exploit it.