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Aquamarine Power Ltd Research and Testing

2 Reports

The project documents the findings from the exploratory testing completed by Aquamarine Power Ltd, and also records the experience gained in modelling PTO systems for small-scale tank testing.

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Orkney Vessel Trails  (Credit: Aquatera)

Lessons Learnt from Real Sea Deployments

5 Reports

Guidance documents giving lessons learnt from real sea deployments of marine renewables at The European Marine Energy Test Centre in Orkney, Scotland.

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Knowledge Capture - Aquamarine Power Ltd

6 Reports

Reports from APL cover the development and installaton of the Oyster 1 and Oyster 800 wave energy converters, and include offshore operations, cathodic protection, supply chain experiences and scaled tank testing.

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Knowledge Capture - AWS Ocean Energy Ltd

7 Reports

The AWS Ocean Energy reports cover the experience gained by AWS from a variety of wave energy projects, and discuss some of the drivers for technology decisions during their device development process.

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Photo of the Pelamis wave energy converter in the sea at EMEC

Pelamis Wave Power Ltd

6 Reports

This project compiles information on Pelamis at the time it closed in 2014, covering topics such as PTO, moorings and scale model testing of the attenuator wave energy converter technology.

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Pelamis wave machine - cutaway

Pelamis Cost Metrics

3 Reports

Detailed breakdown of component costs within a project help to inform areas to target for cost reduction. Here build costs for the Pelamis P2 wave energy converter tested in EMEC are presented.

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