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Offshore Operational Experience

  • Project Lead

    Aquamarine Power Ltd

  • Author

    Aquamarine Power Ltd

  • Date

    April 2016

Through the successful execution of two full scale device installations (Oyster 1 and Oyster 800) and consecutive product improvement initiatives, Aquamarine Power gained a wealth of knowledge on numerous aspects of offshore operations including offshore planning, supply chain, vessel capabilities and weather limitations. Offshore operations are a common challenge shared by all developers, and the information presented here will be of value to them, the wider community, and the supply chain.

This report first considers the offshore experience gained from full-scale device installation, supporting the discussion on piling and installation experiences with experiences from Oyster 1 and Oyster 800. The focus then moves methodically through Operations and Maintenance activities, with attention given to vessel characteristics, weather considerations and the planning of maintenance activities, before highlighting experiences and lessons learnt in offshore activities and reporting. The key themes presented are generic to ensure relevance to a wider audience of WEC developers.

Note that additional reports, documents and data files referenced here and in the deliverables may not be currently available."

Project Keywords: Deployment, Installation, Operations & Maintenance, Orkney, Weather, Vessel, Planning, Lessons Learnt, Health and Safety

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