Aquamarine Power Ltd

Corrosion and Protection

  • Project Lead

    Aquamarine Power Ltd

  • Author

    Aquamarine Power Ltd

  • Date

    April 2016

Oxygen, biological activities, pollution, temperature, salinity, suspended sediments and velocity are the known major factors which affect the corrosion behaviour of materials submerged in sea water.

In this report Aquamarine Power documented the lessons learnt in design through the use of standard off-the-shelf components and materials, and the effect of material grades and compatibilities in disturbed water environments. Many common themes were identified which could benefit the wider wave community.

Note that additional reports, documents and data files referenced here and in the deliverables may not be currently available.

Project Keywords: Orkney, Operations & Maintenance, Cathodic Protection, C&I, Corrosion, Coatings, Health and Safety, Lessons Learnt

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