AWS Ocean Energy Ltd

Technology Description and Status – AWS III

  • Project Lead

    AWS Ocean Energy Ltd

  • Author

    AWS Ocean Energy Ltd

  • Date

    April 2016

The purpose of this report is to provide a description of the current design for the AWS-III and to provide a TRL assessment of the major sub-systems, together with an assessment of AWS Ocean’s confidence of achieving TRL 9 for that system. The report also provides an assessment of the overall TPL of the system.

This information is intended to provide a snap-shot of the current state-of-the-art in relation to AWS-III technology.

This report is one of a suite of reports provided to WES and the reader is recommended to read AWS Ocean report 15-001 AWS Wave Power Development Experience to further understand the background to the development of the technology.

Note that additional reports, documents and data files referenced here may not be currently available.

Project Keywords: PTO, Control, Electrical, Fabrication, Deployment, Installation, Operations & Maintenance, Moorings, CAPEX, Lessons Learnt, Risk, TPL, TRL, Yield

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