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Technology Description and Status – Waveswing

  • Project Lead

    AWS Ocean Energy Ltd

  • Author

    AWS Ocean Energy Ltd

  • Date

    April 2016

The purpose of this report is to provide a description of the current design for the Waveswing™ technology (now known as Waveswing™ MK IV) and to provide a TRL assessment of the major sub-systems, together with an assessment of AWS Ocean Energy’s confidence of achieving TRL 9 for that system. The report also provides an assessment of the overall TPL of the system.

This information is intended to provide a snap-shot of the current state-of-the-art in relation to the Waveswing™ technology.

This report is one of a suite of reports provided to WES and the reader is recommended to read AWS Ocean report 15-001 AWS Wave Power Development Experience to further understand the background to the development of the Archimedes Waveswing™ technology.

Note that additional reports, documents and data files referenced here may not be currently available.


Project Keywords: Control, Electrical, Fabrication, Installation, Deployment, Operations & Maintenance, CAPEX, Lessons Learnt, Yield, TPL, Risk, TRL

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