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This project contains a number of reports produced for Wave Energy Scotland following the close of Pelamis Wave Power in 2014. The project, originally known as 'Project Secure' was run to capture key learning from Pelamis who developed wave energy converter technology for 15 years and had deployed their attenuator technology in both Portugal and Scotland.

The topics covered by this project relate to some of the areas of R&D undertaken by Pelamis, from numerical modelling, scale model testing and large scale build. 

  • WP1 - Tank Testing and Scale Models
  • WP2 - Power Take Off
  • WP3 - Mooring and Connection Systems
  • WP4 - Simulation and Modelling
  • WP5 - Economics

The document 'Project Overview (PWP)' available to download here acts as a signpost to the comprehensive set of documents available as part of this project.

It is worth noting that the O&M Simulation Tool was originally developed with Pelamis and so some of the examples for the Tool include references to the technology. 


Additional reports, documents and data files referenced here may not be publicly available.



Project Keywords: Operations & Maintenance, Power, Data, Installation, Control, Pelamis Wave Power

Overview and Operations Review

A summary of the reports contained within the 5 work packages of Project Secure.

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Pelamis Tank Testing

Details of the tank testing of scale models carried out during their extensive R&D work

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Pelamis Power Take Off

Set of reports detailing the sophisticated hydraulic power take off system used in the large scale Pelamis prototypes

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Pelamis Mooring and Connections

Detailed reports on the mooring and connection system designed by Pelamis for their large scale prototypes

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Pelamis Simulation and Modelling

The PELs suite of custom Pelamis simulation software is covered in this set of reports

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Pelamis Economics

Conclusions and recommendations are given based on the Pelamis cost of energy modelling

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