Pelamis Wave Power Ltd

Tank Testing and Scale Models

  • Project Lead

    Quoceant Ltd

  • Author

    Dr Chris Retzler

  • Date

    July 2015

Pelamis undertook many tank testing campaigns with a variety of models at different tanks around Europe.

This work package focused on tank testing and scale model construction. The reports cover the design and construction of the various scale models used by Pelamis and the equipment which is now owned by Wave Energy Scotland. A number of possibilities for future use of these models is given, exploring additional research opportunities. Good experimental practice is covered discussing various existing sets of tank test guides. Validation of numerical model using physical tests is covered with particular focus on the PELs suite developed in-house by Pelamis, covered in more detail in WP04.

A main report as well as supplementary reports are available to download here

  • Summary: WES dissemination and capability statement
  • Critique of Potential Future Work
  • Physical model experimentation, supporting PELs numerical modelling validation.
  • Using Pelamis Modelling Tools to Advance the Industry State-of-the-Art


Additional reports, documents and data files referenced here may not be publicly available.

Project Keywords: Modelling, C&I, Control, Engineering, Data, Irregular Sea, Performance, Power, Testing, Guidance, Third Party Verification, Lessons Learnt, Attenuator, Pelamis Wave Power

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