Annual Conference 2017

Project Updates - Structural Materials and Manufacturing Processes

  • Project Lead

    Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

  • Author

    Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

  • Date

    November 2017

2017 Annual Conference presentation slides from the 3-minute updates given by each of the ten developers within the Stage 1 Structural Materials and Manufacturing Processes projects.

These projects are:

  • Quoceant - Advanced Concrete Engineering-WEC (ACE-WEC)
  • University of Edinburgh - Rotational Moulding of Polymers, Composites and Hybrid WEC Structures 
  • PolyGen - Advanced Rotational Moulding for Wave Energy Technologies (ARMWET)
  • TTI - NetBuoy
  • ARUP - Concrete as a Technology Enabler
  • University of Edinburgh - A feasibility study on Elastomeric-based WECs
  • CorPower - HydroComp 
  • TTI - Polyshell
  • Cruz Atcheson - Reinforced Polymers for Wave Energy (RePOWER)
  • Haydale Composite Solutions - Advanced Rotational Moulding for Ocean Renewables (ARMOR)

Project Keywords: Lessons Learnt, Planning, TRL, Design Load Cases, Performance, Reliability, Testing, Composites, Concrete, Coatings, Elastomer, Polymer, Rotational Moulding, Materials, Stage 1, Volume Changing, Point Absorber

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