Annual Conference 2018

WES Programme updates and other funding opportunities

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    Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

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    Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

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    December 2018

Since establishment in 2014, the WES programme has been developing a number of technology streams, and the annual conference is an opportunity to update everyone on progress and next steps. Details of the main projects themselves are given on the 'Progress Updates' page.

As marine renewable energy is a priority for a number of organisations, attendees were presented with details of additional related funding from both EU and UK sources. 

The file available to download combines the conference agenda and following presentations:

  • WES’ Programme News and Future Plans – Peter Dennis and Jonathan Hodges
  • WES’ Landscaping Projects - Elva Bannon
  • External Funding Opportunities - OCEAN ERA-NET, Marine Energy Alliance, ETP


Speaker Bio - Peter Dennis (Project Manager, Wave Energy Scotland)

Peter joined Wave Energy Scotland as a project manager in December 2015. He has an education in Civil Engineering and has gained extensive project management experience through a variety of roles in both the private and public sectors. Within WES, Peter has been responsible for WES’s oversight of projects in the PTO, Materials and NWEC calls. He has also been involved in the stage gate assessment process on a number of occasions.

Speaker Bio - Jonathan Hodges (Senior Innovation Engineer, Wave Energy Scotland)

Jonathan’s engineering career began in the aerospace industry with Rolls-Royce and the development and testing of aircraft turbofan engines. Following a Masters’ degree in Marine Renewable Energy he moved to the offshore renewables industry, gathering innovation, resource assessment and tecno-economic analysis experience in the wave and tidal sectors. In his role as Senior Innovation Engineer at Wave Energy Scotland (WES) he aims to identify opportunities for innovation and then develop appropriate WES funding calls to support the sector towards achievement of cost competitive wave energy technologies. Jonathan is involved in collaboration activities across Europe and the US to develop tools, common metrics for technology assessment and to seek technology transfer opportunities to advance the sector and support the WES programme.

Speaker Bio - Elva Bannon (Senior Research Engineer, Wave Energy Scotland)

With a background in Mechatronic Engineering (BEng) and Advanced Engineering (MEng), Elva has worked in wave energy technology development since 2007, working on several different technology concepts in Scotland and Ireland. Here she honed her skills in tank testing, data analysis and numerical model validation for scale model tests.
One of her key responsibilities in WES is academic, professional and international engagement to ensure the WES technology programme is targeting the right topic areas and meeting the needs of the sector.

She represents WES on the BSI PEL/114 Committee providing UK input to IEC/TC114 standards development.

Speaker Bio - Karen Fraser (OceanEraNet Coordinator, Scottish Enterprise)

Karen graduated University of Glasgow with Honours in Geography and Economics and a Masters in Town and Regional Planning. Worked in local government planning and economic development, with Scotland Europa, providing EU policy and funding services to Scottish stakeholders and, while on secondment to the Scottish Government, established the Scottish European Green Energy Centre. Currently in the Energy and Low Carbon Technologies team at Scottish Enterprise and coordinator of the OCEANERA-NET FUND project.

Speaker Bio - Jamie Grimwade (Technical Sales and Business Development Executive, FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility)

Jamie is Business Development Executive (Energy) for the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. A qualified Naval Architect, Jamie has 15 years experience of working within the wave and tidal energy sector. Jamie is leading the University’s involvement the mobilisation phase of the Marine Energy Alliance project, a €3.6m INTEREGG NWE project that will support 40 low TRL wave and tidal technology development companies.

Speaker Bio - Norman Morrison (Marine Energy Research and Business Development Manager, Energy Technology Partnership)

Norman is ETP’s Business Development Manager for Marine Energy. Norman has a number of years’ experience as an offshore renewable energy consultant. Much of this work involved helping companies of different sizes to diversify from parallel sectors into the offshore wind, wave and tidal sectors. Norman also works for Wave Energy Scotland helping identify research and partnership opportunities. He has worked closely with enablers, developers and throughout the supply chain on a wide range of topics including funding, market analysis and technology evaluation.

Project Keywords: PTO, NWEC, Materials, Control Systems, Landscaping, Presentation, Funding, Moorings, Cable, Electrical, Electromechanical, Generator, Planning

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