Annual Conference 2019

WES Programme update posters

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    Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

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    Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

The file available to download combines the following posters:


Novel Wave Energy Converters


WEC: At-Sea Demonstration of the Archimedes Waveswing

Mocean Energy

NWEC3: M100P Wave Energy Converter

Power Take-Offs

Artemis Intelligent Power

Quantor Hybrid Hydraulic PTO, Stage 3


PECMAG Power Electronic Controlled Magnetic Gear

Umbra Cuscinetti

EMERGE Electro-MEchanical Reciprocating GEnerator

University of Edinburgh

Project Neptune – 75kW Linear Generator Test Rig

Structural Materials and Manufacturing Processes

Corpower Ocean/Balmoral

HydroComp Stage 2

Ove Arup

CREATE Concreate as a Technology Enabler

Tension Technology International

Netbuoy Stage 2

Control Systems


CEORL Cost of Energy Optimised by Reinforcement Learning

Queen Mary University

Physical demonstration of the Adaptive Hierarchical Model Predictive Control for Wave Energy Converters

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