Annual Conference 2019

WES Programme updates

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    Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

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    Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

A representative from each of the current projects gave an update on their progress up to December 2019, and their plans for future technology development

The file available to download combines the following presentations:


Project Progress Updates: Novel Wave Energy Converter, Stage 3

  • Mocean – Blue Horizon

Project Progress Updates: Power Take-Off, Stage 3

  • Artemis Intelligent Power – Quantor Hybrid Digital Hydraulic PTO
  • CorPower Ocean - C3 Deployment in Orkney, HiDrive Lessons Learnt
  • Oceaneering – PECMAG
  • Umbra Group – Electro-Mechanical Reciprocating Generator (EMERGE project)
  • University of Edinburgh – Project Neptune (A 75kW Linear Generator for Wave Energy Conversion)

Project Progress Updates: Structural Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Stage 2

  • Arup – Concrete as a Technology Enabler
  • Tension Technology International – NetBuoy

Project Progress Updates: Control Systems, Stage 2

  • MaxSim Ltd – Cost of Energy Optimisation by Reinforcement Learning
  • Queen Mary University – Adaptive Hierarchical Model Predictive Control of Wave Energy Converters




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