European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference 2017 - WES Update



Project Lead

Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

Project Sub-Contractors

Artemis Intelligent Power Ltd, Ecosse Subsea Systems Ltd, Exceedence Ltd, Mocean Energy Ltd, Quoceant Ltd, Technology from Ideas Ltd, Wave Venture Ltd, Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A., University of Edinburgh

Now in its third year of existence, the WES programme is starting to yield results and this event showcased developments in the current funded projects.

We also shared detail of future activities including international collaborations, metrics development and funding opportunities.


  • Welcome – Elva Bannon
  • Programme Summary and Future Activities – Jonathan Hodges
  • Novel Wave Energy Converter Testing – Matthew Holland
  • Contractor presentations
    • RotoHybrid -The use of rotationally moulded polymers in hybrid WEC structures
    • Polyshell
    • Advanced Concrete Engineering-WEC
    • Mocean Wave Energy Converter
    • Gator - a compliant seal free hydraulic PTO
    • Power Electronic Controlled Magnet Gear (PECMAG)
    • Quantor hybrid hydraulic PTO
    • EMERGE Overview
  • Working Collaboratively - Norman Morrison (Energy Technology Partnership)

The slides from each of the presentations given on the night are available here compiled in to three files

  • WES update
  • Contractors update
  • Energy Technology Partnership update

Project Keywords: Presentation, WES, PTO, NWEC, Materials, Landscaping, Testing, Irregular Sea, Planning

WES Update - EWTEC 2017

This presentation was given by WES at their side event during EWTEC 2017, and showcases programme developments, international collaborations, recently announced activities, and background to tank testing requirements.

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Contractor Updates - EWTEC 2017

This presentation was given by WES-funded contractors in attendence at EWTEC 2017 at the WES side event, and showcases their respective project progress to date.

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ETP Update - EWTEC 2017

This presentation was given jointly by WES and the ETP (Energy Technology Partnership) at the WES side event during EWTEC 2017, and gives background on ETP, opportunities for funding and how it it interfaces with WES.

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