Annual Conference 2016



Project Lead

Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

The inaugural Wave Energy Scotland (WES) Annual Conference took place on Friday 2nd December in Edinburgh. The one day conference was designed to inform delegates about the progress of the WES programme since its establishment in 2014. There were 30 projects in progress at the time, with a focus on Power Take-Off (PTO) and Novel Wave Energy Converter (NWEC) programmes. The day gave delegates a chance to meet organisations involved in the WES programme and hear progress in the various projects.

The agenda for the day included:

  • Overall WES Programme Summary (WES)
  • Key-note presentation on Control for Wave Energy Converters (Ross Henderson)
  • Details of up-coming call - Control Systems (WES)
  • Update on Structural Materials and Manufacturing Processes call (WES)
  • Power Take-Off project updates (Project Lead)
  • NWEC project updates (Project Lead)
  • NWEC Stage 2 competition details (WES)
  • Wave Energy Technology Development presentation (Brian Holmes)

Presentations are available to download.

WES Programme Update - Conference 2016

Main presentation from the 2016 Wave Energy Scotland Conference, describing the Wave Energy Scotland programme, objectives, innovation calls and funded technologies.

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Participant 3-min Pitches - Conference 2016

2016 Annual Conference presentation slides from the 3-minute updates given by each of the developers within the Stage 2 and 3 PTO programme, and the Stage 1 NWEC programme

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Wave Energy Control in Practice - Ross Henderson - Conference 2016

Keynote presentation from the 2016 Wave Energy Scotland Conference, where Ross Henderson (Quoceant Ltd) discussed the subject of control of wave energy converters.

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Ten Commandments Workshop - Brian Holmes - Conference 2016

2016 Annual conference presentation slides which introduced a workshop to record the do's and don'ts of WEC design, hosted by Brian Holmes.

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