Oyster Flap Design


Historic Information

Technical notes are provided which outline the findings from design studies and 40th scale tank testing of different concepts for the flap and foundation designs of the Oyster 800 and Oyster 801 devices. The different driving parameters for performance, load, CAPEX and overall LCOE are considered, along with the impacts of changing these. 

The selected flap designs continued to evolve and be optimised following the production of these documents.

The main purpose of sharing these reports now is to highlight the different shapes and concepts considered, and to provide information on why many of these concepts were discarded.


OYSTER 2B Flap Shape Selection

Review of tank testing and design studies for different concepts of the Oyster flap design.

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Foundation Loads and Performance of Different Flap Widths

Foundation loads and performance results from testing of a 40th scale Oyster device, considering four different flap widths.

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