Oyster Flap Design

AMPL-OY02-H5006-RPT-R01 - Foundation Loads and Performance of Different Flap Widths

  • Stage

    Historic Information

  • Author

    Aquamarine Power Ltd

  • Date

    November 2008

This document reports on the foundation loads and performance results obtained from tank test experiments of a 40th scale Oyster device of varying width performed at Queen's University Belfast.

Four (full scale) flap widths were investigated of 9m, 12m, 18m and 24m. For each flap width, the remaining (full scale) dimensions are as follows:

  • Flap thickness = 1.8m
  • Flap height = 10.58m
  • Hinge height = 4m
  • Water depth = 13m

The information in this document primarily reports the results of the experiment. However, some issues relating to the behaviour of the model device and experimental events are discussed so that the results are interpreted correctly. Calibration of the foundation load rig was completed prior to these experiments, and this process along with the resulting accuracy is reported elsewhere.

Results from performance tests show that the power captured and the capture factor increase with ever increasing flap width. Optimising and/or sophisticated damping also is shown to offer a significant improvement in performance. The foundation loads measured during the tests show that the load per meter flap width in almost all degrees of freedom increase in magnitude as the flap gets wider. A greater understanding of the cause of extreme foundation loads is required to strengthen the quality of estimations from extrapolations.

Project Keywords: LCOE, Optimisation, Modelling, Structure, Survival, Performance, Operations & Maintenance, Foundations, Loading, OWSC

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