Oyster Flap Design

APL-RD.FDR.04-TN-0007 - OYSTER 2B Flap Shape Selection

  • Stage

    Historic Information

  • Author

    Aquamarine Power Ltd

  • Date

    August 2011

This short technical note documents the results from tank testing of different concepts for the flap design of Aquamarine Power's 2nd full-scale WEC system, the Oyster 2B device (latterly known as Oyster 801), alongside relevant conceptual design studies that collectively justified the selection of which flap geometry should be pursued during the FEED phase of this project.

The selected flap design continued to evolve and be optimised following the production of this review document.

The main purpose of sharing this report now is to highlight the different shapes and concepts considered, and to provide information on why many of these concepts were discarded. 

Project Keywords: Simulation, Modelling, Structure, Composites, Steel, LCOE, OPEX, CAPEX, Risk, Performance, Testing, Foundations, Power, OWSC

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