Oyster 1 Documentation

Oyster 1 - Monitoring Programme

  • Stage

    Historic Information

  • Author

    Aquamarine Power Ltd

  • Date

    June 2009

Under the conditions of the necessary licences granted for the installation and testing of Oyster 1 at the Billia Croo test site at EMEC on Orkney, Aquamarine Power was required to produce an environmental monitoring programme that would be followed during installation and operations. 

With assistance from their selected Environmental Monitoring Contractor, the environmental monitoring programme was outlined and covers the following areas:

  • Marine Mammal Observation
  • Underwater Noise Monitoring
  • Seabed Impact Assessment

NOTE: This report is originally from June 2009, and the information and recommendations included may now be superseded. WES does not assume any liability with respect to use of or damages resulting from the use of any information disclosed in this document

The document is being shared by WES to provide further monitoring information from past wave/tidal projects, which can contribute to the gathering of available monitoring information and link to the Tethys Environmental Monitoring Knowledge Base. This will interface with a Discoverability Matrix that is intended to be used as a tool for regulators, developers, etc. to support consenting for future projects.

Project Keywords: Testing, Installation, Deployment, Data, Billia Croo, Guidance, Orkney, Monitoring

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