Landscaping Studies

Cost Reduction in Supporting Infrastructure - Electrical Connection

  • Project Lead

    Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

  • Author

    TNEI Services Ltd

  • Date

    December 2018

TNEI Services Ltd (TNEI), ITP Energised (ITPE) and JDR Cables (JDR) were commissioned as a consortium by Wave Energy Scotland (WES) to undertake a landscaping study regarding the electrical connection infrastructure, and to assess how cost efficiencies made in this subsystem could improve the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) for wave farms overall.

The study presented in this final report provides an assessment of a number of cost reduction opportunities that have been identified with regards to the electrical connection infrastructure. A key finding is that many of the opportunities to reduce the cost of a wave farm are very project-specific and that these cannot be considered in isolation. As such, a scenario based approach to cost comparison has been undertaken. Full details of the scenarios used to analyse these opportunities are given, along with arrangement of the multiple devices within a wave farm of 10MW or 100MW.

A State of the Art report was produced as part of this study, which served as a basis to understand the current developmental status of the majority of electrical components for a wave energy system, from where opportunities for cost reduction were explored and identified. Following their identification, these opportunities were assessed in more detail and, where possible, were analysed through a cost modelling tool built for the purposes of this project to calculate percentage changes in the LCOE of wave energy systems. From the results of these analyses, a number of conclusions and recommendations for future Research and Development (R&D) have been formed and are presented in the final report.



Project Keywords: CAPEX, LCOE, OPEX, TRL, C&I, Electrical, Cable, Installation, Operations & Maintenance, Reliability, Power, Vessel, Array, Landscaping, Moorings

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