NWEC Stage 2 Guidance



Project Lead

Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

The Novel Wave Energy Converter (NWEC) programme was Wave Energy Scotland’s second call, with the primary focus of characterising and developing the device prime mover and structure.

Stage 1 participants progressed to Stage 2 through a closed competition which opened in January 2017.

Project guidance and information on the sea states required to be followed during tank testing are supplied in the associated documentation.  

Please note; entries into the NWEC Programme are closed. Projects that were originally accepted into Stage 1 have progressed into future stages of the programme through closed competitions.

Details of the projects which were successful in entering into this stage can be found here, in the "Development Programmes" section of the Knowledge Library. 

Novel Wave Energy Converter - Stage 2 Guidance Documentation

These documents provide guidance for Stage 2 of the Novel WEC programme, outlining the scope of requirements (suggested activities and expected outcomes) and a summary of the process and conditions to be used for the standardised sea states during the WES Novel WEC Stage 2 mandatory performance tank testing.

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