QCS Stage 1 Guidance



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Wave Energy Scotland Ltd

Wave Energy Scotland’s fifth call was to develop a Quick Connection System for Wave Energy Converters (WECs). It is once again a three stage programme, with the overall objective being to reduce the duration, cost and risk of offshore operations for prototype WECs by supporting projects to design and develop a quick connection and disconnection system between a device and its moorings and/or electrical system.

QCS are expected to impact a wide range of metrics, and a subset of these ("QCS Impacts") has been determined. 

The programme was originally developed with input from the landscaping studies: Electrical Infrastructure and Moorings and Foundations, previously completed for WES.

This package of documents covers the full set of requirements for Stage 1 of the 3-Stage programme, and includes slides for presentations given at the inception event, held in August 2019. 

An online webinar which outlines the programme can also be viewed here

Please note; entries into the QC Programme are closed. Projects that were originally accepted into Stage 1 have progressed into future stages of the programme through closed competitions.

Quick Connection Systems - Stage 1 Guidance Documentation

The supporting documentation for Stage 1 of the 3-Stage Quick Connection Systems programme, which aims to develop to connection systems for prototype WEC developers.

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